Sea Dreams. We all have them. And we are bringing some more to you in this new issue of Surftime Magazine. Consider the photo on the right. Can you see it? Really see it? The dreams that are scrawled on that dream machine? A child’s sea dreams for all the world to see. A homegrown machine hewn out of the scraps of a snapped board washed up on the beach. The homegrown logos, scrawled with such passion, misspellings and reversals and all. A physical manifestation of passion and desire.

The passion for surfing and the desire to belong to the tribe. If this surfer couldn’t get his hands on a real dream board, then let the surf Gods be damned, he would make it himself. The real stuff of sea dreams in a single image. We have a lot of other images of dreams for you too. Take the cover with Tai Graham, once again in the center of perfection at some remote secret spot of his. As always making his sea dreams come true. And even more so as we let him pick the color scheme for the cover itself. Bravo Tai, beautiful. And don’t forget the Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang turns 20 this year. Hard to believe really. We did our best to illustrate this birthday with a big collage of images from the greatest surf contest Indonesia has ever known. Spend some time with it, feel the legacy. Then get ready.

August is just around the corner. Surftime has always supported local surf artists and we are stoked in this issue to feature the folk art of Sina Luxor. In its naivete can be found its timeless meaning. Sina, an Egyptian artist, discovered surfing on a wild European road trip and has been fascinated with it ever since. Again, just spend some time with it and dig the vibe, the simple folksy vibe. All surfers are artists in their own way after all. And we could not be more honored than to have an exclusive photo portfolio from Tom Servais, a master of the form.

Spectacular never before published photos from his archives that will have you running for the beach. Tom has captured lightning in a bottle again and again throughout his career and the perfection of his photography is on classic display here. Get into it, put yourself in the same place as the surfers in these images and feel the magic of loving a sport like ours. And on a local note, Pete Frieden gave us something fascinating. Three different sequences of Bronson Meidy that gives us a chance to examine more closely this local surfer’s wild technique. So, Sea Dreams, coming at you right now. Because living with out dreams is like a body without a soul.

-Matt George, Editor-in-Chief


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