Numero Quattro is the unique product between Bali hospitality favourites: Tai Graham and Adam McAsey. It is your Neighborhood Home away from home. Bringing a fresh take to timeless classics, this vintage inspired Italian Grill delivers nostalgia across food, design and drinks. Sitting on the edge of Canggu’s famed Echo Beach, Numero Quattro is your place for a night of fresh pasta and wine.

The group brings Chef Joel Bennetts to spearhead the culinary direction at Numero Quattro. He brings 16 years of culinary prowess into the Neighbourhood Italian, with his culinary philosophy mirroring the essence of simplicity.

numero quattro

As each person carries their own DNA, Joel expresses the origin of his that translates to his cooking style. “When it comes to the culinary specifics, I think a lot of the love in my food comes from my late mother’s love for cooking and the way she instilled that in me from a young age,” says Bennetts. “My style of food is simple and direct. I only want on the plate what belongs there. Acid is key, texture is crucial and colour is non-negotiable.” In terms of the food on the island, it all comes back to the one thing: simplicity. “I think my style will suit Bali purely because it’s just tasty food. It’s food I want to eat and that’s the only way I cook.”

numero quattro

The motto of Project : Black has always been ‘simple food, done well’. Tai says, “I think Joel does that better than anyone. Having his creative flair in the mix would be nothing short of amazing.”

Joel brings his culinary expertise to craft a menu that is simple, done well and tastes good. The extensive wine list in Numero Quattro also offers a great balance between European classics and trendy natural wines from around the world.

Come enjoy a memorable dining experience at Numero Quattro.


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