We are only great when we act with great passion. Especially when it can overcome a very wet monsoon season. These past few months have demanded a passion from all of us. A passion for waves, a passion for the environment, a passion for each other. Only a few windows of opportunity presented themselves. You had to be on or miss it. You could see it in the surfing, led by a re-energized Garut Widarta, who has been surfing better than he ever has. Surftime sat with him recently and asked what it was that had fueled his new passion. He replied simply, “Fatherhood”. We are also proud to feature on our cover the great Made Winada Adi Putra. Although on the verge of being a tribal elder in his mid-thirties, he is still making cover worthy moves with no signs of slowing down.The kids are actually having a hard time keeping up. You will see it all in our lead feature called “Monsoon Dreams”. Veterans and rookies alike, ripping our waves apart with passion. Because passion is the oxygen of the soul. In another feature we have local Ben Benson going head to head with Jordy Smith at Keramas.

With Ben chasing his passion as if it were the last bus out of town. Doing his best to match Jordy air for air. Representing the young talent pool of Bali with his own firepower. Proving that one person with passion is worth more than an army without. And from the other side of the world we witness a passion unimaginable. Trevor Murphy has presented us a snowbound portfolio from New England in the United States. Hoary images of a frigid surfing experience that would take more than passion to challenge. It would take a nuclear explosion of desire. And yes, those Jersey boys have got it in spades. And for another aspect of passion, we look within. Within the passionate art and photography of Gene Kreyd. Combining atmospheric drone work with spaced-out interpretations of landscapes, humans and waves, he gives us enough pause to think of the grandeur within ourselves. Within our own feelings. Sparking flights of imagination and perspective that perhaps the Gods themselves intended. Fully grounded, we move on next to Texas, where photographer Jimmy Metyko meditates on what it is really like to be poolside at our current chlorinated revolution. And finally, Ryan Robson explains his love/love relationship between Western Australia and Indonesia. And that is what the contents of this issue is all about. The passion to make great things happen. To feel great things. To do great things. Because passionate souls burn with a fire that very few can handle. And yet none can resist. - Editor -


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