Just like the ski slopes has their ski lodges, so does White Monkey surf shop at Padang Padang have its after surf Cafe and Bar. Located in the shade of the backyard venue of the shop, the Thruster Club is one of Bali’s most popular places to relax after a great session, or to just catch up with friends… and certainly meet new ones. Early morning Coffees, Bullet Coffees, Fresh Juices and Kombucha for those pre-surf sessions and afternoon into evening Cocktails, Beers, Wine and healthy food. There is also a Nalu Bowl Cafe located in our backyard venue serving delicious Acai and Fruit bowls. The perfect surf food for high energy sessions. There is always something happening in our backyard. Movie premieres, Surf Parties, product launches, live music, surf star autograph signings and more. Our Friday nights are packed with all our global visitors. It is Ladies Night after all, with half off specials for all the girls. We also throw dynamite private parties. Just ask if you are interested and we will make it happen. Find us at


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