Prophecy 1970-2019

Yes, it they were supposed to blow minds. Both of these images. The artwork is Rick Griffin’s 1970 masterpiece which was a poster for the seminal surf movie of the time “Pacific Vibrations”. A film that explored the themes of the hallucinogenic movements of the era. A time when imagination ruled surfing. Where “Futuristic” boards and designs reigned our earth. A time that inspired everything from open minds to blown minds, of space boards and being spaced out. A wildly productive time that hurdled the evolution of surfing into the collective conscious stratosphere. An influence that still resonates today. An influence that has led to the unimaginable, no matter how many drugs were taken back then.

Foil surfing. Surfing above the waves, flying really, perhaps to achieve the purest connection a surfer has ever had with a wave’s kinetic powers. Jimi Hendrix dreamed of it with his “Axis Bold as love”. Connecting his guitar into the energy that leads to the center of the earth. Billy Kemper, right, is living it with his axes that propel him into an otherworldly realm that is certainly as bold as any love coming from the center of our oceans. Still relevant, Griffin’s poster serves as an inspiration to anyone who is willing to see just how far their mind can go in surfing. After all, filmaker John Severson’s original idea was to “bring an awareness to the changes I was witnessing happen to the ocean… this is a film that in the end makes a statement that would maybe prompt a few people to take action and start doing something”. Prompt people to take action and start doing something. We have been doing it ever since”. Indeed.


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