THE NEW EXPLORER II: The Perfect Travel Barrel Board From Luke Studer

First developed for Travis Potter for traveling throughout Indonesia seeking perfect empty barrels, Luke Studer’s new mind machine features a Lopez inspired outline with plenty of forward volume feeding into a spiral vee and a 2+1 fin setup. This is a board that can be depended upon to push the limit of adventure barrels. Traveling to extremely remote tubes demands a refined, realistic quiver and these new barrel dependable designs are just the ticket. Still, the bottom contours allow that big roundhouse cutback when you blast out of the tube and still give you that control, confidence and propulsion you need from late take-off to rocketing kick out over the shoulder. They are dynamite paddlers too. Mikala Jones’s feedback has refined the design for riding super deep while still maintaining control. A master of riding some of the most remote foam balls in Indonesia, Mikala has suggested the influences of Tri-Plane hulls, asymmetrical tails for specific right or left tubes and all manner of fin setups.

You can always find a few of these magic carpets in Mikala’s board bag. On a recent trip to macking Java, Dede Suryana found himself way undergunned. Mikala gave him one of these explorers. Just check the cover of this magazine right now for the results of that session. Easily the most dynamic session of the year, soon Dede, Billy Kemper, Cale Grigson and Mikala were howling into very serious growlers and the Studer explorer II’s were riding deeper, and cleaner, than anyone. There is just something about traveling with the right board that makes you a complete surfer. For those seeking and edge out on the edge the Explorer II is a proven force. Tested and ripped by the two best tube hunters in Indonesia. No city board these, you pull one of these out of your board bag like a samurai sword, signaling your intent to take on any challenge that deep travel surfing can throw at you. It’s simple. If you wanna get real, you gotta have one in your quiver. Find one at:


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