THE CUP #121

We have lost our hearts to the Ocean. But what better place to have lost them to? And that is what this issue is about. Place. Our place. A sense of place. A love of place. Because a world without love is a deadly place. Like all our Surftime Magazine’s, there is alot of love and places in this issue. Like the love most have for the Rip Curl Cup at Padang Padang. More than just a contest, a statement on just how great our waves are and how great our surfers are. Jersey or no, to see Made Winada Adi Putra roll into a hill in the ocean and stand completely at ease while a flawless tropical wave folds itself around him, well…whether our other locals won the contest or not, the most beautiful sight at Padang Padang will always be a Balinese surfer’s unique style in concert with our crown jewel of a wave. We also take a journey with Josh Symon’s first installment of his labor of love called ISLAND IN BETWEEN.

A film and stills project whose heart is in exactly the right place. The concept is simple. Far ranging, spur of the moment Surfing road trips. Friends discovering the country around them, re-discovering each other in different surroundings, gathering together in order to open horizons and spark imaginations. And in doing so, perhaps taking a step in unifying all of the surfers of our archipelago by discovering the spirits of our neighbors and sharing the spirit of Bali. The Island in between them all. We also have a self-penned essay by Kailani Johnson to accompany photos of her breakthrough performance this year at big Krui. The very contest that earned her a berth in the WSL Corona Bali Pro at Keramas. A place, you might remember, where she threw her might against seven time world title holder Stephanie Gilmore. We have yet another incredible portfolio from photographer Liquid Barrel, whose love of place is present in every photo we publish. Tireless, creative and stoked, we are all lucky to have him. And with aerials causing everything from contest wins to knocking John John Florence off the tour, we have also dedicated a number pages to the most incredible photographs of our high flying brothers that have ever come across our desks.

Because in the end, the sky is a place too. So we bring you all this to inspire you to think about our place here in Indonesia. Your place. Knowing that a place is only as good as the people in it. And that it is good people who make good places on this planet. Sure we’ve seen changes here in Bali, lots of ‘em. Most of them horrible too. But do try, local and visitor alike, to never forget why you fell in love with Indonesia in the first place. That moment when you had found a place in this world that was telling you to stay. That moment when you found your love of the waves and the thrills and the sunsets and the belonging and most of all, each other. Because together is a beautiful place to be.

- Editor -


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