Remember yourself at 20 years old? Or if you are not there yet, can you imagine yourself at that age? Either way its a long, long time. And in our 20th year of publication the 16th Annual Surftime Awards are still going strong. The best ever this year, at a place we have always belonged. Finally, we are back at Single fin, Uluwatu, within reach of the crashing waves below a glowing moon. Hell yes. A chance to honor the best among us both in the water and out. Special recognition was given this year to the people who make up our surf industry here in Indonesia.

Think about it. Without all the stuff from the advertisers that you see in these pages, we wouldn’t be surfers at all. No boards, no wax, no cool clothes, groovy sunglasses, all the elements that mark us as a unique tribe of people on earth. As surfers themselves, these industry insiders provide the spiritual side of our clothes and equipment. Without these people who provide the look and all the equipment we love, we might have no identity at all. Our surfing winners this year were very deserving too. From the perennial classic Dede Suryana, a man who needs no introduction, to Kailani Johnson, female surfer of the year after having surfed against 7 time World Champion Stephanie Gilmore earlier this year.

From Bronson Meidy, who won best aerial for the second year running, to Rio Waida, who defeated two time world champion Gabriel Medina at Keramas. From Hardest Charger Mega Semadhi, to the Great Pete Frieden, whom without his fantastic photos in these pages, Surftime magazine may not exist at all. All in all a jubilant evening of brother and sisterhood. Look to our opening feature for all this year’s winners. Of course that is not all we are bringing you this month. We have the second installment from Josh Symon’s innovative project “Island in Between”. This one featuring Corok and Tonyo’s smash and grab mission to Java.

Pepen Hendrik welcomed the boys with open arms and open barrels, proving that the Philosophy of Symon’s concept stays very true. That of finding brotherhood and a better understanding of our Indonesian surfing universe through immersive travel. Next we travel with photographer Pete Frieden to South Africa for a mind blowing pictorial of that legendary wave known simply as J-Bay. We travel again with our next feature when we join Varun Tandjung and Bronson Meidy on their hunt for inner hollows. As only teenagers can dream. What a life those two are living and at such a tender age.

We have a wild portfolio from Padang Padang’s own Gene Kreyd. Including an unknown wilderness wave and a very alone Bruno Santos. That one will run chills down your spine. And in our gallery, we pay special attention to a remarkable photo by Pepe Romo of Usman Trioko committing to a very heavy situation at his beloved Desert point. Word is that Usman, once again, is owning the joint. And so, in our 20th year, we are happy to continue to thrive with all of you. We are all the creators of our future. And what is coming, is always better than what is gone. Because when it comes to Surftime, we don’t have to explain our dreams to anyone…we just have to keep showing them.

- Editor -


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