Here are short story about Dedi Gun last trip to Java. Dedi himself as a profesional surfer, has reach some point that force him to dealing with lifestyle and it consequences during life in Bali. Some of them are very exhausting and complicated, especially things that connect to his personal life. As an adult he is on a situation that require his responsibility part, but at the same time he don’t wanna drown into the stressful side effects. That’s the real conflict that happen inside him while he decided to join “The trip to Java” with his friends.

It’s look like a simple trip with some old and new friends, but actually it is kind of trip that able to bring you to another side of this crazy life during this day. Trip when you can be yourself with no one to judge. Trip with people who are also chasing their dreams, and people who doesn’t attached to life routine. It was bit wild but touch your spiritual side at the same time.

Being at a new place that challenge your curiosities to explore it, able to bring back Dedi Gun enthusiasm to ride the waves and conquer his ego once more, like when it happens at the first time long time ago.

He manage to bring his passion back to it places again. And it become one of the most precious thing that he found during that Java Trip, along with the grateful feeling to find out a “New Secret Play Ground”. When a man already found the joyful side of his passion, he could find the way to continue chasing his dream and leave behind the demons... again.

Text by Kartika Lestari
Photography by Budianto Chandra

(Editors note: The following is an unedited submission that tells a very common story about the vortex of the Bali nightlife that can swallow you up. Yet it also tells a very uncommon story about a man who sought the solution in his own way).


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