With the winter season full upon us, with the monsoon rains and moody, bruised skies, it’s natural that our thoughts become more introspective. Surfers are as connected to the earth as cats. And the weather, aside from being the most important thing in a surfer’s life, is also a barometer of our emotions. And so in this issue we decided to embrace this moody introspection with a series of features that offer a distinctive temperament. An examination of our moments.

We kick off by examining the meaning of our relationship with perfect surf. And staff photographer Liquid Barrel’s photos of this far off reef that illustrate these journey’s will blow your mind. Pay attention to the captions, they hold a strong message too. We went with some tech moments in this issue as well. Photographer Nicolas Antipoff showed up with a new gadget that just might turn your phone into a professional surfing photography rig. His shots of the pro’s, all of them shot with his phone, prove his point. We also called our old friend Shane Dorian for his insight on his personal moments of Fatherhood.

Currently traveling the world with his son Jackson, he is very frank about the responsibilities of raising a child of the Ocean in the shadow of what most perceive as his legendary status. Humble as usual, his quiet, firm answers are those of a gunslinger. We were also stoked to catch up with Muklis Anwar one fine morning on Sumbawa. Where the entire line-up watched him pick off the wave of the day. Or maybe the wave of the year at that particular reef. We get inside the moments of the ride for you. And you might find this point of view familiar as most of us have felt the same exhilaration.

Then Ben Benson dropped by with some super session photos of his latest California caper. Ben was schooling the Californians of Newport Beach with some solid Indonesian style. Quite the ambassador, it’s Ben fifth trip over there as a stand-out. We examine the meaning of small wave performance and take you along on Ben’s wetsuit clad swing. Then we really hit the mood switch with a remarkable photo portfolio from fine arts photographer Rachel Talibart.

Her black and white, huge format masterpieces sell for six figures and hang in the boardrooms of some of the most prestigious offices and museums in the world. One look at these images will change your day if your smart enough to really spend some time with them. We are offering a prize package to the most intelligent letter we receive regarding this premiere portfolio.Try your luck at And speaking of luck, we were lucky to get a visit from Agus Frimanto.

On a Bali junket from his home island of Nusa Lembongan, he lit up a session at afternoon Keramas that reminded everybody of just how good our brothers across the channel really are. And while we were thinking of good surfers, we were proud to receive some very heartfelt words from Pua Johnson. A stunning leader of the women’s revolution, she proves herself a thinker as well. And so it goes in this, the last issue of our 20th anniversary year. And we promise to keep it coming deep and intelligent. A panacea to all the disposable digital noise that most of us unknowingly absorb like too much sugar. Because when it comes to the photos and the words in Surftime Magazine, you can be sure of the fact that for 20 more, we will never drown our Indonesian scene in the shallow end.

- Editor –


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