It’s a new world. A new Surftime. A new name. A new look. After enduring the forced pandemic hibernation, like so many others, we have survived. And it feels so good to be back. To continue to offer the Indonesian outlook on surfing, the authentic version, instead of having to read about our world in foreign magazines from foreign points of view. And what a joy it is to be welcomed back so enthusiastically by a community that still appreciates the feel of an actual print magazine in their hands.

With big, colorful photos from the best photographers in the world and compelling features that you can actually hold in your hand and read, not just scan. Mind expanding stuff, not the mind numbing stuff you scroll through. You will find full, complete thoughts in this magazine, complete expressions, essays, profiles, portfolios, meaningful captions and editorials from experts on surfing.

Surfers with complete, full mind expression. Not just silly comments on some postage stamp electronic image that you can’t wait to scroll past with a flick of your middle finger. Just like you, a magazine actually has a soul. Something to hold on to, to honor and feed. Feeling the weight of its presence and wonders. And Surftime this time? In the new era? It’s all in our name. The Surftime Journal. Promising more fascinating content than you will find anywhere else. Real and solid and considered. Like the offering in this, our comeback issue. We have the exclusive inside track on our cover girl Erin Brooks, that 15 year old phenom, a finalist in the men’s division at the Rip Curl Cup.

A young lady who is reaping the benefits, both financially and philosophically, of the modern womens surfing movement. We have another exclusive feature with Rio Waida, Olympic Flag bearer, the pride of our country and soon to be first Indonesian surfer on the World Championship Tour. Here you will learn about a surfer who rose from being a bullied little boy to the new athletic hope of a nation. We also have an intimate look into Tai “Buddha” Graham’s doings during the pandemic. One of the best surfers the island has ever produced is still going strong, traveling and barreling with good friends while still maintaining his Bali roots with family and business.

We were privileged to be able to share with you a dynamite photography portfolio from master photographer Jason Reposar. If you haven’t noticed his mastery by now, check out our cover. Only Repo could make a portrait of a surfer look like a Rembrandt hanging in the Louvre. Then there is Ian Crane, pro surfer, filmmaker and creative mind who gave us an exclusive interview while the Surftime team was in the Mentawai. Ian explains exactly what it takes to be a new, modern professional surfer beyond the World Tour.

Its pretty heavy stuff, but just so damn cool it will make you want to get out there and do the same, regardless of your skill level. And continuing in our coverage of the current youth movement, we were stoked to be able to put together a very different kind of profile on Dylan “All Day” Wilcoxen, a young surfer who grew up at the Kandui Resort and is now destined for the stars. Must have been all those perfect surfboards he has been riding since infancy. So pardon the cliche, but all this and so much more is coming your way as you turn these pages. We are so proud to be back and believe you will be proud too as you experience the new Surftime as a member of the greatest surfing community in the world. Because no longer are we what other people say we are, we are who we know ourselves to be.

It’s simple really, we are what we love.

-Matt George, Editor-in-Chief


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