Surf photography is not a sport. And yet it is only the results that count. Photographer Damea Dorsey knows this one inside out. As far as he is concerned, if his photographs aren’t good enough, he’s not close enough. But when he says this he not talking about being physically close, but emotionally close to the subject matter. His is a style that reflects a depth of emotion, not just a depth of field. Like most photographers, his is a world that trusts photographs far above words. And when he finds the circumstantial light that he seeks, he brings something into existence that did not exist before.

In this portfolio, Damea’s goal was to show what it feels like to observe consequential surfing from a swimmers perspective. Not a paddlers perspective, but the perspective of being up to your chin the the medium that makes the surfing possible. A committed, immersive experience. Informed with inspiration, not information. It is the difference between looking at a picture for a minute and never thinking of it again or seeing it for an instant and thinking about it the rest of your life.

Damea Dorsey’s photography seeks answers to things. And it is the man behind the lens that always gets the answers first. Because no camera made a great photo any more than a keyboard wrote a great novel. And as many photos are being taken in this modern digital age, there remains a truth in Damea’s photography that will always be present.

That he is taking photographs that understand what surfing means to us.


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